The sale and offer of products on the website are regulated by the following Conditions of Sale.
The products purchased on are sold directly by

Lisa Vierti

qualified as a hobbyist and without any registered or operational headquarters.

You can always contact us and request information at the email address


1.1. Lisa Vierti (later Moonlight Candles) sells its products and carries out e-commerce activities through the website towards end consumers
1.2. When we mention the final consumer we mean any natural person who acts on for purposes not related to their commercial or professional activity. If you are not a "consumer", we invite you not to conclude commercial transactions on our site.
1.3. In consideration of its commercial policy, Moonlight Candles reserves the right not to process orders from parties other than the "consumer" or in any case orders that do not comply with its commercial policy.
1.4. Customers who can purchase products on are all people resident in the European community.


2.1. To conclude the purchase contract for one or more products on, you will need to complete the order form in electronic format and confirm in the summary screen
2.2. If you wish to receive an invoice, choose the appropriate option in the purchase form
2.3. You will be able to choose a shipping address different from that of the credit card holder with whom the purchase is made (you can use this option, for example if you want the items to be delivered to your workplace)
2.4. The contract is concluded when Moonlight Candles receives your data via the purchase order.
2.5. The order form will be archived in our database only for the period of time necessary to process the orders and in any case within the terms of the law
2.6. Once the contract is concluded, Moonlight Candles will take charge of your purchase order
2.7. Moonlight Candles may not process your purchase orders that are incomplete or incorrect or even in the event of unavailability of the products. In these cases, we will inform you by email that the contract is not concluded and that Moonlight Candles has not processed your purchase order, specifying the reasons.
2.8. By electronically transmitting the order form, you accept these Conditions of Sale. If you do not agree with some of the terms set out in the conditions, we invite you not to submit the order for the purchase of products on
2.9. Once the contract is concluded, Moonlight Candles will send you, via email, a purchase order receipt containing a summary of the information already contained in the order form.


3.1. The payments accepted by are: credit/debit card (processed via Woocommerce Payments) and PayPal
3.2 PayPal also allows payments via credit card or prepaid card to be made to all users who do not have a PayPal account and need to make payments via the service. Then select the "Paypal" option even when you want to pay by credit card, choosing, if you do not have a PayPal account, the "pay by card" option which does not require any registration.
3.3 The credit cards accepted are those of the VISA/MASTERCARD/AMERICAN EXPRESS circuits.
3.4. If you don't have a credit card, you can activate a pre-paid card from the VISA or MasterCard circuit, which also allows you to purchase online on
3.5. The purchase price and shipping costs are established in the official currency of, the Euro


4.1. Your order will be processed as soon as it is received and entrusted to the courier who will deliver it within 5 working days. Deliveries are guaranteed by the courier with this timing excluding holidays, pre-holidays and exceptional cases. Any amounts authorized on the credit cards will not be moved until the order has been completely processed and shipped.

4.2. If your order includes an item it may be shipped in multiple shipments, depending on product availability. This allows us to be faster and deliver your order to you as soon as possible. So don't worry if you will only receive part of the items you have chosen, the others will arrive in a different shipment.

4.3. If the courier does not find anyone at the indicated address, he will repeat the delivery for three consecutive days, each time leaving a notification with the necessary instructions. Moonlight Candles will then contact you via email.

4.4. Once shipped, Moonlight Candles will send you an email notification which will allow you to monitor the status of the shipment via a link to the courier (order tracking).


5.1. On only new products are offered for sale, branded Moonlight Candles.
5.2. The characteristics of the garment are shown on the site within each product sheet, however the colors may not correspond to the real ones due to the internet browser and monitor used.
5.3. Product prices may be subject to updates. Check the final sales price before submitting the relevant order form.

6. SHIPPING COSTS guarantees free shipping for all orders nationwide.
If the shipment is directed to European Union countries, the shipping costs will be paid by you for an amount of €5.99.
Payment by credit card does not incur additional costs. will process your order the same day if sent by 12:00, for all subsequent orders it will process the following day.



1.1. You have the right of withdrawal with Moonlight Candles without any penalty specifying the reason, within ten (14) days from the day of receipt of the products purchased on
1.2. To withdraw from the contract, simply contact customer support using the methods specified in the Contact area.
1.3. In this case, you will need to return the items to Moonlight Candles who will receive them within thirty (30) business days of receiving them.
1.4. The only costs you will have to bear are those of returning the purchased products. The shipping company of your choice and the costs of returning the products will also be at your expense
1.5. If the right of withdrawal is exercised in compliance with the rules indicated above, Moonlight Candles will not withdraw the purchase amount from your credit card or will refund the entire amount with the same payment method.
1.6. If the right of withdrawal is not exercised adequately, Moonlight Candles may retain the products and still charge your credit card, in this case you will be notified by e-mail or telephone.


You appropriately exercise the right of withdrawal if the following conditions are also respected:
2.1. You must contact support indicating the order number and reason for the return.
2.2. You must not damage, engrave, light or remove the label from the products you intend to return.
2.3. It is very important that the integrity of the wax or product packaging is not damaged in any way.
2.4. The products must be returned in their original packaging.
2.5. You must return the products to Moonlight Candles in a single shipment. Moonlight Candles, in fact, does not accept returns of the same order, shipped at different times.
2.6. Moonlight Candles will take back the physically returned products within (30) thirty days from the date you received them.